Lauren Hanford

Participate Chats

Participate Chats for Twitter

Participate Chats for Twitter

UX, Visual Design



This product feature redesign was initiated to increase monthly active user (MAU) engagement. The previous feature held value for educators looking to increase their efficiency while engaging in Twitter chats, but the interface was not intuitive and didn’t provide a memorable experience. We needed to surface value to the user, quickly, to increase product adoption and exposure.


This work was a collaboration with Table XI, and we started with remote moderated user interviews of potential users of the platform. This comprehensive look at the platform showed us who we were building the product for — and how far we had to go to deliver a better experience. Once we created a synthesized package of this research, we presented the foundation to the development team in a product design studio, asking the question “how can we design a better experience for a teacher, Megan, to accomplish her goals?” As a team we ideated and sketched on features, prioritized, and then began agile design sprints.

Because Participate had recently rebranded from VIF International Education, there wasn’t a style guide to work from. The team started with style tile explorations and tested these concepts to hone in on what our users responded to. From here, we designed wireframes and visual concepts, testing each cycle each week with 3–5 remote users.



The early impact of this redesign is that Participate has seen a 20% increase in meaningful engagement with the redesigned feature. The feature release at a national technology conference saw initial bump in user signups of 185%. There is now a sustained increase in user signups at around 58%. Finally, the MAU is continuing a steady incline, with a 43% increase from prior to feature re-design.

You can read an article I wrote on this project here.