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Lauren Hanford user experience designer durham north carolina


Hey there! I'm Lauren Hanford, a user experience designer in Durham, NC. For over 15 years I have contributed to, or led, design and product teams.. wearing many hats! My strengths include conceptual ideation, user-centered research, and visual design — all of these strengths improve with a strong team around me! I really value hand craft in my work, whether on a letterpress or using quick sketches to validate ideas.

I am happiest working with a focused team that's not afraid to dream big and get weird. I've been fortunate to work with small and large organizations to tackle big challenges — from amplifying teachers' voice, to addressing gaps in living wage work in the American south. I believe in the impact of design.

When not making things, I can be found reading or hiking in the woods with my husband and daughter.



Tidelift (currently) / Head of Design
Participate / Head of User Experience
VIF International Education / Creative Director
Partridge House Design / Principal Creative, Owner
UNC-Chapel Hill / Art Director


User research
Usability testing
Visual design



Storytelling for Impact (IDEO)
Platform Strategy (MIT)
TypeCamp Handlettering (
Multimedia Bootcamp (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Bachelor of Graphic Design (NC State University)
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science (NC State University)